Salmon River
Water Temp: 0ºF     Flow: 0 cfs

Joe,Schmitty, and Stew (uncle fishey) I cant begin to thank you enough for one of the best days of my life.From the moment we met you treated us like family. BETTER THAN FAMILY!! The boys had so much fun tying flies the night before they could not sleep in anticipation of the day to come and you did more than keep your promise. Eight hours of Non stop action. You all truly gave 200%.I want to come back for Oct 8th. If i cant wait that long maybe we will see you sooner. You guys truly love what you do and it showed over and over. Joe kept telling me not to worry about the trip he would produce and he did that and more. I could write all day about how awesome these guys are but if you have had a trip with them you already know that.
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