Salmon River
Water Temp: 0ºF     Flow: 0 cfs

Salmon River trip November 14 and 15 2009

Hi Joe and Sinbad,
Had another awesome time fishing with you guys. Once again, you proved that you can produce results. Even when Tyler was in a slump, you didn't give up on him, and the weekend ended on a happy note. The boys had a great time fishing Steelhead. What a beautiful fish! With your patience and guidance, Connor once again, put some grown men to shame. You always go above and beyond and this time was no different. It was great hanging out with you and Sinbad again. You are still as patient as ever. Don't ever change. Thanks again for taking the boys under your wing. Once again, they had a ball tying flies. When it comes to eating chicken wings, we all definitely bow down to you! Thanks again for another relaxing time. Hope you and Sinbad have a great Thanksgiving.
take care, Danielle, Tyler, and Connor Bradshaw
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