Salmon River
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Just wanted to thank you for another memory filled fishing adventure.
The float trip was awesome and very eye opening. Floating down the river is like being in a live scenic painting. Can't wait to do it again. I am very sorry we could not stay longer that day. If, possible we would have stayed on the river until sunset. The time spent that day with you, cousin Joe and Sinbad was priceless.

The first stretch of the river lined with vultures (fishermen snagging) was very sobering. I understand how you feel now this time of year having to see that day after day.. You should be proud and comforted in the fact that you converted us and many others that have fished with you throughout the years and will continue to do so.

I hope to find time between now and our next trip we up there to start tying some flies. So be ready for some emails and/or phone calls as to what materials I should use. I enjoyed be back at camp tying, talking and listening just as much as fishing. I do appreciated allowing us to be apart of all of that.

I also appreciate you saying of tight lines now more. I enjoy a tight line just as much as landing the fish. Don't get me wrong it's nice to know I have won the battle when you beach or net one. However, it just a much fun when you experience the fight and see them do their aerial show. When the line go slack and the fish is free it just pumps me up to cast again until the feel of the next tight line.

Wish you good health and be safe.

Mark Haines

Thanks my brother,I love you all more than my life.P.S. ( Uncle Paul visited you ,me & Joey on that float
Tight Lines,Joe&Sinbad
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