Salmon River
Water Temp: 0ºF     Flow: 0 cfs

Salmon River trip September 26 and 27 2009
Hi Joe
Wanted to thank you again for the great time the boys and I had over this past weekend. We had an awesome time fishing for salmon and brown trout. We still can't get over the size of these fish and they fight they put up!!! I wanted to let others know that you don't have to read my testimonial to know that Joe is a terrific guide, just read all the other ones. you'll see a pattern. But if you want to know what kind of a person Joe is, then by all means, read mine. Joe is definitely the person you want to see if you have any questions about fly fishing or the salmon river. He' s the one you want teaching you. His knowledge about the fish, their environment, and the atmospheric and barometric pressure is extensive. That is probably why he is so good at what he does. My boys and I had the best time fishing with Joe and Sinbad. On a more personal note, Joe is a calm, patient man. I wanted only to be a spectator but he got me involved and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I am sure I was a complete disaster out there on the river but he never ridiculed me and instead encouraged me to continue to fish. He never lost his cool,even though we kept getting tangled in the trees, Even though my boys, Tyler age 15 and Connor age 12 had some basic knowledge of fly fishing, they learned so much for Joe in two days.. Even though Joe started out the weekend as our guide, by the end, he was definitely our friend. Connor can be difficult at times but Joe was able to handle him and they soon became fast friends. Tyler also got along well with Joe. His love for animals and their surroundings is apparent. Not only does he only do catch and release, he treats these fish with respect and does everything he can not to injure them. Joe always has his faithful dog, Sinbad, with him. He kept us all amused with his fetching and retrieving skills and he was a great companion to have along.. Joe's services didn't stop at the river
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