Salmon River
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Joe and Sinbad,
Thank you so much for an unforgettable time, here's my testimonial feel free to edit. Please get the pictures to me as soon as you can.

My father and I decided to try our hand at steel heading on a two day trip this year on the salmon river, and Joe came through big time. Our friend and long time steel header set us up for failure with such comments as "You'll be lucky to hook one on your first few trips." Joe proved him wrong in no time at all. Within an hour of meeting Joe and within a half an hour of fishing, I had not only hooked but landed my first steel head. In short, I caught four and my father caught one and we had on upwards of thirty or more some near 20 lbs. (Sinbad was there for moral support when we lost them) We hooked so many big fish that we ran out of the most productive fly. As Joe seems to have endless supplies of his own well tied flies, this normally would not have been a problem, but it was a pattern that I had tied so Joe did not have any on him (although I'm sure he does now). He made an extremely generous offer and let me use his materials and set me up on his vice. I think that says something about what a generous guide he is and the extra efforts he's willing to make. It was an amazing experience and I know we will be back soon. Thank you Joe and Sinbad for a great trip. I can't wait to see my friend who said I'd be lucky to hook one. I wonder what he'll say when he sees my picture with the fifteen pounder!

Thank you so much and we will be seeing you guys again soon,
Hayden and Jeff Sammak
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