Salmon River
Water Temp: 0ºF     Flow: 0 cfs

Some might call it serendipity, but to be perfectly honest I ended up crossing paths with Joe & Sinbad simply because their website loaded the fastest while I was on a patrol base in southwest Baghdad, Iraq, a week from returning Home, and the Internet was acting up. Fast forward just over a month to 19 DEC and there I was, landing my first steel head on the Salmon River, figuratively checking off a high priority block on my ̢??Things to Do When I Get Home List.̢??

To anyone reading this & considering a trip out with Joe & Sinbad, hesitate no longer. This will be a life changing experience not only because you will land (& more importantly set free) great fish, but due to what Joe & Sinbad bring to the table, that being an unparalleled passion for the river & it̢??s fish, as well as a level of enthusiasm for playing fetch with soggy sticks that I never knew existed.

To Joe & Sinbad, thank you for making one of my coming Home dreams a reality. I look forward to seeing you both out on the river & it will be an honor to fish with you again in the spring (and to throw a stick to you, Sinbad!).

Very Respectfully,

Brian Graham, Jr
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