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This is a little unusual.But for those of you who love the sport of rugby.This tribute to the New Zealand rugby team the All Blacks is something I feel is for the world to see.P.S. I have never visited her shores,but through the eyes of the many young rugby players who I have sponsored,I know in my heart when I do reach her shores,I will be going home.
Tight Lines,Joe & Sinbad

Dear All Blacks,

It did no????t go your way.

Your supporters are distraught, but I know the best among them understand that yours is a far deeper pain. You, who gave up years of your life in relentless pursuit, who faced injury, criticism, sacrifice, joy and finally despair. All the while bearing the burden of responsibility reserved only for heroes.

It must be close to unbearable.

For us, the people who sit on your shoulders every time you step on the field, who defend and love the Haka against those who don?????t understand, who hold you as a symbol of our nation, it is also hard.

But there are other things. For us and for you.

There is our beautiful country, young and vibrant, rivers and mountains and oceans and fish and birds. There are our close communities and family values. There is our ingenuity. There are the Everests we have climbed as a nation already, and the Everests we have the potential to climb. There are gumboots and beers and Footrot Flats and there are meat pies with sauce.

There is New Zealand. Aotearoa.

Please know this: when children step onto rugby fields across the country, you are in their minds ????? and you are nothing but heroes. Champions that they love and respect without criticism or prejudice. Our boys.

And underneath our pain, adult pain that understands luck, circumstance and injustice, I hope that most of us feel the same.

Kia kaha.

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