Salmon River
Water Temp: 0ºF     Flow: 0 cfs

Fun as a guide, fun to fish with, fun to hang with, that's Joe Vivenzio.

Joe doesn't mess around, he's gonna put you on fish and hook you up. He taught me how to fly fish on the Salmon River last year and fine-tuned me this year. We'd get on the good water before the sun came up, get set up and fish from sunrise to dinnertime. Joe keeps us rigged up with the happening flies and he's there to help land the fish he puts us on. This trip I must have hooked and fought over 30 fish (in the first few hours of the first day!) before I finally "got it" and landed a beautiful atlantic salmon. We got to watch Joe in action when he came by to fish with us on his day off, he was constantly hooking up, ..... amazing.

Thanks again Joe,
Thanks also to Chris, Hi to Sinbad

I'm looking forward to next year's trip!

Joe C. -w/ Alex, Steve, and Frank
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