Salmon River
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Thanks so much for the wonderful experience fishing along side you. My son Ian and I had a great 11/2 days of learning and getting into the action with some fine steelhead. Your flies are great particularly the sculpin / muddler that you tie - my favorite at least for that day. Great action on the one with the hint of red in the belly. We both learned more in the time spent with you than in the three years of trial and error on our own. We both felt honored that you would ask us to fish with you and the fact that we had a great experience just enhanced our first trip to the Salmon River this year. We are going up again this weekend Sept 23 -25 and will try your flies again - we both have one remaining.

You had mentioned that you can tie us some flies - I don't know what your schedule is and how that would impact your tying but if you could still do it please tell me how to arrange for payment. Patterns that work - we'll rely on your expertise / Ian had success with the woolly bugger and I with the sculpin but we would like a selection for the fall and one for the winter since we will try this year to come up for steelhead in the winter months. Let me know what patterns you would tie and cost for them for both of us. We probably won't be on the river again until late October or in Nov. - waiting for the arrival of Ian's son.

Again Joe, thank you for the time, generosity and for the great time on the river.

All our best,

Phil Apruzzese
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