Salmon River
Water Temp: 0ºF     Flow: 0 cfs

Sorry this took so long, we had a lot to catch up on when we arrived back in the warmer climate.

What a fishing experience! We have never fished in literally a "blizzard". Looking back over the pictures, there were times that we were in a total white out. But with your guidance we quickly overcame natures' wrath and I caught 7 big brown trout in one day. What beauties they were.

Joe caught that rainbow which just shows off on its' own in the photograph. Everyone we show the pictures to exclaim that we are crazy, but then they say "nice FISH"! Joe caught his fill of fish the first day. Joe and I both had a great time and really enjoyed the peaceful serenity of the river, even if it was interrupted many times with a fish on situation.

Sinbad was good company for any break times. Not that there were many opportunities to take breaks, as the fish always seemed to be biting.

Take care, we look forward to fishing again soon and hugs to Sinbad.

Joe and Faye Gowran
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