West Canada Creek
Water Temp: 0ºF     Flow: 0 cfs

Trudy and I really appreciate you pairing us up with Chris. His knowledge, patience, and willingness to teach were special attributes that few people possess. His selections of waters and fishing rechniques gave us a considerable range of trout fishing experience -- and the biggest bonus of all was that we caught fish. Even more special was his impromptu lesson on fly tying. What a great way to spend non-productive fishing time; and, Trudy tells me that she learned more by watching him for thirty minutes than by reading any book or watching fly tying videos on OLN. Tell Chris that when he is ready to try some Southern fly fishing, he would always be welcome at our house.

After we left you guys, we did drive into the Adirondacks. We made it as far as the Museum and Buttermilk Falls before coming back through Amsterdam, NY. That is one beautiful piece of land up there with more water than I've seen outside of the Canadian Rockies. We will try to get back one day and fish the Salmon and the Ausable -- both look like our kind of water.

Thanks for a great trip and some fun fishing.

Ed and Trudy
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