Salmon River
Water Temp: 0ºF     Flow: 0 cfs

Four of us descended on Joe on 10/25/03. Two from Canada and two from NYC. One fly guy, two beginners, and one novice. I was the novice. Joe was solid. He got us to the right places as the right times with the right equipment.

He hammered me into shape by noon. I had 6 hook-ups and no landings. Big fish(20-30lbs), tough conditions (1200cfs). At each failure Joe whacked me with a good dose of humor, criticism and knowledge. I landed my first fish by 2PM and my second at 3PM.

By Sat afternoon I was totally focused. When the light started dimming, I thought it was another passing rainstorm. It was 5:15PM. We walked out around 6:15pm pushing the legal fishing time to its limits. Even the Sat night Yankee loss couldn't cool the warm weary glow dedicated anglers feel after one of those incredible days on the water.

We're already planning a winter booking with Joe for Steelheads. GOOD GUIDE.

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