Salmon River
Water Temp: 0ºF     Flow: 0 cfs

O.K‰??.so it goes like this: cast up and over, lift the rod tip, follow the line with the current, feel the bottom ‰?? but lift the fly over --- DOH! ‰??I need another fly!‰?? O.K‰??.cast up and over, follow the line with the current, feel the bottom ‰?? but lift the fly OVER the rocks, set anything that feels out of the ordinary --- DOH! Another rock! But wait, the rock is moving‰??the rock is moving VERY QUICKLY! The rock is jumping out of the water and slamming back on the surface! The rock is instantly downstream a hundred yards and I‰??m holding on for dear life!

This was our group‰??s first experience with the Salmon River. With the exception of Peter, none of us had ever seen a steelhead, and Peter‰??s experience was fifteen years ago. All the pictures and articles about these fish that I pored over in the months leading up to the trip didn‰??t do the experience justice. These fish are awesome!

We are so glad that we hired a guide for our first trip here. Joe and his sidekicks (Jay & Chris) were invaluable to our success and great time. Despite very challenging water conditions (1700cfs), Joe was able to place us on the best spot on the river --- really! No one we met ‰?? including other guides, had the kind of day we had. Joe, Jay and Chris taught us what we needed to know to hook into fish. They were very accommodating and patient. Joe is very animated and passionate about these fish. I‰??m confident that we would not have had the 28 hook ups we had, and certain that we would not have landed the! 4 fish we did if we had tackled the river on our own.

Our gratitude to Joe, Jay, Chris and Sinbad for a great time and a lifetime memory. We hope to see you in the spring and fall next year!

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