Salmon River
Water Temp: 0ºF     Flow: 0 cfs

"I met Joe a few years ago on the Salmon River. At the time, I was fishing the river for Salmon with J-Plugs when this guy fly fishing across the river started busting on me for what he called being nothing more than a "glorified snagger". This was a person I thought I would never like. A year later we met again, but not on the river. I asked him where I knew him. He smiled and said the Salmon River. The light switch went on and I remembered. Before I could get a word in he offered to teach me how to fish with a fly rod. He said I'd be able to appreciate fishing a lot more.

With that, he left me his phone number. That Spring I called him and we scheduled a trip for April 2000. I caught some nice Steelhead. I went with him again in September 2000 and again I caught many Steelhead and some nice Salmon. I now fish with a fly rod only!

Thanks Joe, but I'd like you better if you'd stop telling people how we met."

Steve Swift
Middleburg, NY
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