Stream Report

Caddis and Hendrickson Spinners
West Branch Delaware
Water Temp: 54ºF     Flow: 310 cfs

The river was up a bit, from our previous outing. The bugs weren't coming off thick, but some caddis action had a few fish splashy-rising across the river.

We found some trout quietly taking "something" in back eddies and close to shore in shaded, soft pockets. Size 18 green caddis emergers took a couple nice fish.

At dusk, a great Hendrickson Spinner fall came through. It seemed all the fish in the river were on top, gulping the huge spinners. We managed a couple nice fish on size 14 Rusty Spinners, tied with poly wings. The fish stayed up, after dark and we kept on them, getting one more in complete darkness. That is always a welcome surprise.

I'd say we have a couple more spinner falls, but look to caddis and olives in the coming days for the action.
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