Stream Report

The nuts are out in force
Salmon River
Water Temp: 57ºF     Flow: 335 cfs

You can tell it is Columbus Day week end. Here they come, Simms gear from head to toe. $1000.00 Fly /Rod combo. But wait look a snagger, with taste for expensive toys. Any one thats knows me, gets the fact that this is disgusting. So todays pictures will be a testimony of taking fish on the swing, and on the tongue. Am I not I guy you love to hate. You people sicken me. Wrong is wrong, you need to take up a new hobby. For, starters put away the big boy toys, meaning fly rods and go back to your ugly stick and mooch reels. Leave the big boy toys to real men and women. Hope to see you all on the water.
Tight lines, Joe & Sinbad
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