Stream Report

To hot for Steelhead
Salmon River
Water Temp: 65ºF     Flow: 335 cfs

The report is going to be a bit different today. Maybe even a little bit indifferent, but I do not care for idiots. I hate watching a moron ,idiot, if you feel this is personal when I am done, too bad. Steelhead are a wondrous species,so when I watch people drag them up out of 65 degree water and beach them, and take two minute photo sessions, then make a ridiculous attempt to revive that fish,you disgust me. Let us start with the fact by taking that fish out of water and damaging the natural enzyme that coats their body in itself is
bad. Coupled with unnecessary long periods of time on the line because they are to coo to use a net. Do I sound frustrated,in my world you would have to pass an exam to fish. Wow ,imagine that, a School for morons and people who absolutely do not care. To the rest of the world ,Hope to see you all on the water.
Tight Lines, Joe & Sinbad
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