Stream Report

Practice what you preach
Salmon River
Water Temp: 46ºF     Flow: 4000 cfs

I have been doing this a long time. What I did today baffles me ,practice what you preach. Got up this morning,do what I do every morning, called the waterline. The report says river running at 2500 c.f.s. Decided to fish a little while, in a special place Sinbad loved to be. Went to Nice & Easy my morning ritual. Did all my wifi on the lap top, headed out. Dark morning, heavy rain. My wading belt and staff were in my Simms dry bag back pack,decided to wait until later to dig them out. Bad plan. When I looked at the river in the dusky light I knew the diversion I was crossing looked different. Again bad plan,never second guess your self when you are not sure. As I stared to wade across my back pack took me right off my feet like a bobber. I will leave the rest to your imagination. Moral story of this,when in doubt be safe . Never wade alone in high water. Never access big water without a staff, a wading belt. In the future I will practice what I preach. In the end no one is truly invincible.Brighter note, the Steelhead are hitting hard. Hope to see you all on the water. Tight Lines, Joe & Sinbad
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