Stream Report

Good Fishing Depends on Where You Are
Salmon River
Water Temp: 43ºF     Flow: 335 cfs

The river has plenty of steelhead and browns in it right now. The top half of the river has the highest concentration of fish and anglers. Fish upstream are hitting eggs, stone flies, flesh flies, and streamers. You may have to work harder for these fish, especially with the high sun, low water, and numerous people.

Down low, you have a better chance at solitude, but there are fewer fish too. It's a trade off, fresh chrome with little crowds or more fish, heavier pressured fish, and lots more people.

This weekend, the weather was amazing for November, which brought out lots of people. We're looking forward to some nastier weather.. :)

November is shaping up to really productive. We've been catching good numbers of fish, some days are better than others, but we'll consistently doing well.

See you on the water.
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