Stream Report

A Split Personality
Salmon River
Water Temp: 49ºF     Flow: 750 cfs

The river right now has a split personality.

If you fish the lower end, most of the salmon are gone and you'll be targeting fresh steelhead, migrating up river to feed on all those salmon eggs and flesh. The crowds aren't too bad and you can find relative peace on the river. The steelhead are aggressive, taking egg patterns and streamers.

The mid to upper end of the river, is loaded with spawning salmon, with browns and steelhead mixed in. The crowds are thick... lots of people are getting their last shot at salmon and some lucky enough to get into steelhead as a by product. The salmon are on redds and frankly, once this happens, you'll be targeting the fresher males competing for the female. The females have zero interest in flies and will likely be lined by accident, or for some intentional. If you see spawning fish, target the fish behind the female, you could be surprised with a steelhead or brown that has been cleaning up the eggs or nymphs dislodged by the spawning activity.

The major tribs have seen some runs of fish, but without some more rain, they are running a little thin and clear.

We still have dates available, but November is booking fast. Prime steelhead season is some of the best time to be on the river. We are on the river nearly every day, so give us a call to book your trip. (518) 527-7104

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