Stream Report

A Slow Weekend
Salmon River
Water Temp: 64ºF     Flow: 335 cfs

Yesterday, 9/12/2009, was slow down low. We fished a lot of water and didn't really see too much movement.

We eventually got up into the Upper Fly and saw several fish porpoising in Paradise Pool, but we didn't get anything to take. We did witness a snake swallowing a catfish.. that was pretty cool. See the picture attached.

While the Lower Fly is still closed, we took a look at that and noticed a large tree down the middle of the Cemetery Pool. Also the tree on the corner, going up toward the Wire is down as well. These changes will make fishing a bit more challenging and I suspect a lot more lost fish and flies. There were some fish in there, but not exactly were most people would expect them.

Now it's anyone's guess when the next run of fish will happen. We need some rain or a cold front to push through. Look for NW winds coming in off the lake or a rise in water. I hear the Estuary is full of fish, yet captains are reporting fish still out in the Lake.

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