Stream Report

No Time Like Spring Time
Salmon River
Water Temp: 35ºF     Flow: 1150 cfs

Hopefully this spring will be blessed with consistent flows and mild weather. So far this season has been unbelievable. The river is full of fish and they will be coming into the spawn mode soon.

Also, don't forget, the Upper Fly Zone opens April 1. All of the steelhead up there have had the luxury of no anglers since November and will be on the bite. Of course being there and getting your line over these fish will be the difference between reading about it and doing it.

Historically, we do really well in the spring, so if you are looking to get on the water, give a call or drop an email. First time fishermen are always welcome, as on the river instruction is one of our strong suits. Seasoned anglers can always benefit from our many years of Salmon River experience too.

Eggs, stone flies, and steamers continue to out fish other patterns.

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