Stream Report

Rising Waters
Salmon River
Water Temp: 34ºF     Flow: 1125 cfs

This report encompasses Thursday the 11th and Sunday the 14th. We experienced average flows of 500 cfs on Thursday with the water levels on the rise coming into the weekend. By the time we finished the day on Sunday Brookfield Renewable already had the releases up to 1800 cfs, which they are currently at now.

Despite the fact that a good portion of wadeable water decreases at these flows, the fish on the other hand seem to gain comfort by the increased cfs. Overall conditions on Sunday were cloudy, but as soon as the cloud cover broke and the sun illuminated the water, those fish did exactly the opposite of what we normally would think. Instead of becoming shy and sulking for cover; they came out, chased swinging flies, and struck them with authority!

Come up and fish those seams and "soft water" areas between main currents and we think you'll be pleasantly rewarded. The fish are there, give them a chance to take your flies! One final note----don't be afraid to fish big flies in big water...... tight lines to all.
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