Stream Report

Wintry Mix
Salmon River
Water Temp: 36ºF     Flow: 500 cfs

Today started out innocently enough with the temperatures hovering around 30 degrees f and no wind. But by the time early afternoon rolled around, so did a storm front from out of the east. With it came large snowflakes that eventually transitioned into sleet and freezing rain, but to our delight this storm also brought some aggressive and solid takes from some happy steelhead.

With the river currently at 500 cfs our party was able to try numerous locations and fish a variety of different holding water. Since our last report the amount of fishable water has increased and has allowed more of the anglers to spread out, with larger concentrations of anglers from Pineville and up. Trust us there is no location that is better than another right now, steelhead are still on the move and the faster riffles and runs are producing results.

The patterns/flies we had success with are your mainstream attractor & egg patterns, surprisingly these bright and flashy flies are still receiving positive responses from the fish. Wooly buggers and egg-sucking leaches were also greeted by a few happy browns and steel as well.

On a final note: today is (was) the last day to spend in the Upper Fly Zone. Hopefully if any of you enjoy that water with it's classic pools and runs, you all got one final cast/drift/swing in there that was met with positive results!! Tight lines to all.........
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