Stream Report

Chinooks, Cohos, and Steelhead
Salmon River
Water Temp: 65ºF     Flow: 335 cfs

Well, the time is now. The estuary is full of fish, the Lake charters are reporting a slow down, and river anglers are getting their share of fish. From here on out, it's the river fisherman's time. We have been waiting for this all year.

The Lower river is hot right now. Each morning more and more fish come through the Douglaston Salmon Run into the public fishing areas. Target these fish with big streamers, bright estaz patterns or glo bugs. You really can't be too off, once you find a hot color, stick with it, until the catch rate drops or the conditions change... sun up, clouds? rain? Tackle busting salmon are sooo fun.

Unexpectedly, through a typo in the regulations book, the Lower Fly Fishing Zone in Altmar opened on September 15th. Our anglers did very well, catching steelhead and browns. There still isn't a ton of salmon up there, so you'll be targeting trout most of the time, until the latest pods of fish from earlier this week move up.

The Upper Fly Zone does have salmon and steelhead mixed in. So, if you like fishing that water, your odds are good as well.

In the fly zones, use egg patterns and natural nymphs. Some of these fish have been up there a few weeks, so your presentation will have to be more natural, especially mid-day, high sun.

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