Stream Report

Early Fish, High Water
Salmon River
Water Temp: 70ºF     Flow: 1150 cfs

Reports from the lower Salmon River have a few fish moving through.

The high stained water may cause some fish to stage at the mouth with a chance of a salmon run coming soon. If you are eager to find some early salmon, even a steelhead, with thin crowds, now is a good time to scope out the area.

Being there for that first early push of fish is always exciting. Getting there a day or two late is never the same, and you'll always hear, "You shoulda been here yesterday!" Back in 2006, we were there for those couple ridiculous days of Coho. Will it happen again? You have to be there to find out for yourself, or check the reports and play arm chair quarterback.

Of course, we are still taking reservations for the Fall and Winter seasons. We now take money transfers for booking your reservations. So check out our bookings page and give us a call, (518) 527-7104.
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