Stream Report

Patience is a Virtue
West Branch Delaware
Water Temp: 55ºF     Flow: 360 cfs

I fished the West Branch yesterday and have to say I was disappointed with the hatch. My previous trip, a week prior at the same time of day, rewarded me with plenty of fish rising and a steady 4 hour sulfur hatch.

Not this time. Bright sun may have held off the hatch, so I basically stalked the few risers up and down the pool, looking for a player fish... one that rises more than once.

I worked a few fish, here and there for a couple hours, but remained fishless, as did the rest of the anglers in sight. Around 2:30-3p a BWO emergence started with a few fish starting the rise. I worked a small pod of two or three fish for about an hour, until I finally got this big brown to take a size 20 CDC BWO dun.

The hatch died down in about an hour to an hour and half.

Fast forward 5 weeks and I'll be spending my first day on the SR scouting out what's what. The flow will be 700 cfs and I'll be in the lower river hoping to get into an early salmon.
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