Stream Report

Wind, Happy Memorial Day
West Branch Delaware River
Water Temp: 58ºF     Flow: 323 cfs

With a couple hours to spare before Memorial Day festivities, I headed down the West Branch in search of a few risers. Bright sun, gusty wind and little bug activity reduced my chances. However, I found some bank-sippers cleaning up the wind-swept bugs along the shallows.

I tried spinners of different sizes, caddis emergers and spent, Duns of parachutes and comparaduns, without a so much as a glance. Finally, a generic CDC emerger got one fish to take. With help with a fellow angler, I forgot my net, this big brown saved the trip.

A little conversation with my new friend, and I was heading back home to be with family. A short day on the water, brought my biggest brown of the season.

I look forward to the next trip.
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