Stream Report

Steelhead in Huge Numbers
Salmon River
Water Temp: 54ºF     Flow: 1800 cfs

The Salmon River is completely loaded with Steelhead right now. We can not recall a time when there were so many fish from top to bottom.

Steelhead are in all all three stages of spring time activity: pre-spawn, spawn, and post-spawn (drop backs). There are fresh, BRIGHT, fish still moving in and preparing to spawn, while others are grouping and fighting for dominance. Then of course, there are a few post-spawn fish around, but in all honestly, the spawn is just getting under way.

An added bonus is the thousands of fish still in the hatchery. These fish are able to leave when they decide. Water temperatures and biological clocks will indicate when the migration down stream begins.

For us, bright buggers, streamers, woolly worms, egg patterns and nymphs have been producing. We are targeting fresh fish on the move and aggressive males fighting for dominance. The fish in actual spawn mode, are being left to do their deed. :)

Contact Us for an amazing trip... spring time steelheading is awesome. Warming temps, big aggressive fish.. It's a nice break from the harsh conditions winter brings to the Salmon River.

Photos coming soon.. check back.
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