Stream Report

Are You Ready?!
Salmon River
Water Temp: 33ºF     Flow: 900 cfs

Old man winter will soon be loosing his grip, at least for sub-zero temperatures for the most part.You think so what. I think lots of chrome Steelhead making their spring journey along with their winter counterparts who have been in the river since fall waiting to do what nature beckons of them. Yes, spawning season for Steelhead is near, a great time of year to to dust off the fly rods and enjoy what spring has to offer in the way of great Steelhead action in the the northeast. From fresh chrome to hungry drop backs, who are very receptive to the fly, what more could you ask for? The action should stay good to around mid-May. Then we have summer run Steelhead, along with Atlantic Salmon, some resident Browns and of course smallmouth bass. All to look forward to. Hope to see you all on the water.

P.S. one of these pictures could be you this spring.
Tight Lines,Joe & Sinbad
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