Stream Report

Dropping Temps, Steelhead Still Active
Salmon River
Water Temp: 33ºF     Flow: 1800 cfs

We fished through a falling barometer, and whether you believe it makes a difference or not, we saw a marked change in steelhead activity as the temps plummeted over the weekend.

Saturday and Sunday morning, the weather was OK, and we caught steelhead, here and there, on large bright buggers and spring wigglers. Egg patterns and estaz flies also worked.

But once the temperatures started to drop, and the wind picked up, everything shut off. We stuck it out through some of the worst of it, and managed a couple sporadic hits, but nothing like the action we saw of the previous 1 1/2 days.

We targeted the softer eddies and pockets adjacent to riffles and stayed out of the heavy water. In the high water, always look for resting and holding water, the fish will be out of the main current and taking refuge in the lighter currents.

Dress warm in multiple layers and be careful. Fish with a buddy if you can.
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