Stream Report

Steelhead Make a Move
Salmon River
Water Temp: 56ºF     Flow: 185 cfs

Sunday, we were happy to get into a few steelhead. These ballastic missles of chrome took black woolly buggers on the swing. Look for these fish to be in the heavier currents as heads of pools... not until the water cools for the winter, will steelhead take refuge in the deeper pools. For now, be ready for a massive take followed by a long run, or two, tail walking and head shaking the whole way.

Steelhead season is our favorite time of the year. Fewer people, with the majority of them there to fish, not snag stuff as it swims by. Get in on a great trip for bright steelhead this fall. Check out our Bookings page or call us, (518) 527-7104, to reserve your trip.

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