Stream Report

Well, The Chinooks Came
Salmon River
Water Temp: 58ºF     Flow: 100 cfs

If you remember our last report, I said the the Chinooks were on their way. This week, they came and they kept coming. Not only did the chinooks enter, more cohos and steelhead were in the mix.

We continue to fish the lower river. Nymphs, egg patterns, and buggers on the swing are working for our clients. The low water has keep us on light tippets and roll casting from the shallows. Standing near the run plunking a lot of split shot will give these fish lock jaw.

Still, the crowds are difficult at best and uncharacteristically aggressive. We've said it before, people are crazy for salmon. We have to step back and consider what's at stake. We are f i s h i n g. This isn't an aggressive sport. Let's try to all get along on the crowded waters. Be civil, considerate, and a sportsman.

Don't forget, we still have some dates in October. If you are interested in learning how to target these Lake Ontario species on the fly rod, in a civil and respective manner, give us a call, (518) 527-7104.
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