Stream Report

Chinooks Still to Come
Salmon River
Water Temp: 58ºF     Flow: 100 cfs

The salmon came in, but in smaller pods than earlier in the week. We guess it has something to do with the enormous number of people fishing the lower river. With the low flow and lower fly zone still closed, a lot of people who normally fish up river are migrating to the lower end in search of salmon and steelhead.

We are not accustomed to so many people using such heavy weight, standing in the middle of run, snagging fish. With the low flow, anglers need to stand away from the fish, use the BB Shot, and small flies or eggs to keep the fish from being spooked. Heavy split shot and lines whipping through the water, makes the salmon skittish and bolt all over the pool or blow by so fast, there is not time to make a proper presentation.

The low-light mornings and evenings continue to be the best time for "happy" fish. We expect a lot more fish to come in. There really hasn't been any huge runs of chinooks yet. When they come in, especially in October, steelhead will be more of a target. You can't beat chrome steelhead blasting your flies in October.

We are still taking reservations for October. If you are interested in fishing the proper way for salmon, steelhead, brown trout, and even atlantics, give us a call. (518) 527-7104. We are currently on the water daily, and not able to check email regularly.

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