Stream Report

Bright Sun, Wind, Sulfurs
West Branch Delaware
Water Temp: 50ºF     Flow: 410 cfs

We went out for a two day stint, hitting the upper West Branch again. This time the sun was out, BRIGHT, with intermittent wind gusts. The sulfurs came off without a hitch and we managed several nice browns.

The hatch wasn't thick, but there were enough bugs to keep the fish happy for about 2 hours. We caught most fish on the emerger, with a pair taken on the duns. We have been using CDC Emergers in size 18 and Poly Wing comparaduns. Later in the day, toward evening, another round of sulfurs came off, bringing the fish to the surface again.

Just before dark, a nice spinner fall materialized. A lot of fish were working steadily, and we got a few more on size 18 Rusty Spinners.

Keep the tippets light and your presentations in the water's surface film. When the spinners fall, try to time your drift with the rising rhythm of the fish.

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