Stream Report

( In time things will get better)
Salmon River
Water Temp: 34ºF     Flow: 1800 cfs

The river is still running high at 1800 cfs and should remain at that level or higher with the recent snow that fell from the low pressure system that settled over the region late last week. The river remains fishable at this flow although the fishing has slowed from this low pressure system. Concentrate on softer water closer to shore for holding fish. Most of the fish are starting to settle on redds, if not already, although there are also a few drop backs who have finished their spring ritual. As the ambient temps and water temps rise, the fish should become more active. Keep an eye on water levels and long range weather forecasts as well as barometric pressure. With the river running high, exploring other tribs around the region provide a secondary option. Timing is critical as the water levels fluctuate on these tribs with greater variation over a shorter period of time. If you time it right, you can find phenomenal fishing opportunities. Try calling some of the local fly shops for the up to date levels and reports to plan around the best time and maximize your possibilities for success. Bright colored streamers have worked well but don't be afraid to throw large nymphs or egg patterns.

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