Stream Report

Salmon River
Water Temp: 64ºF     Flow: 335 cfs

Many of you had high hopes of an early run, like last September.

Last year we had high water due in part to an abundance of hurricanes. This is more of a normal year, when fishing should become hot by late Sept. & early Oct.

Some will say, "What about the early run of coho?" Well, they are at the hatchey already. (See pictures)

Every year late August or early September you get some fish. Like any speices you have early, the norm & late runs. Mother nature has a way of giving them a suttle hint, when they cannot wait any longer. This time is fast approaching.

Cooler temperatures and maintained water flows will be enough for this to happen. I expect this coming week will be the beginning, of a more steady flow of fish. For those of you who have neither the time to wait, or want to beat the crowds of October, swing streamers upper to mid river. You will be more productive at this time. Steelies, Browns, Atlantics, Kings, Cohos: they will all readily take these with the right presentation. My choices would be: Black & Red or Brown & Red Sculpins and Black or Peacock bodied Woolly Buggers.

Hope to see you all on the water.

Tight Lines, Joe & Sinbad
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