Stream Report

( Time to Rock the Boat )
Salmon river
Water Temp: 33ºF     Flow: 350 cfs

I generally live and let live, but I'm infuriated and I can't just sit back without saying anything.

I am referring to a popular Pulaski fishing establishment whose guides have been bringing their clients up to the no-kill section of the river with complete disregard for ethical fishing practices. They must not have a conscience and it disgusts me.

What I saw this past weekend in the fly -stretch is shameless and this local establishment is the culprit with their stream reports. Sending clients to the no-kill section of the water where the lethargic fish are easily snagged on other parts of their body ? instead of the mouth - is plain WRONG!!

Encouraging clients to fish this section of the water with running lines and slinky?s and stealth flies at 350 c.f.s, which at that level is very traditional fly water - is despicable. Do you feel any remorse when the lethargic Steelhead dies because your clients are snagging and dragging the fish backwards out of the water? Their gills fill-up and they die. But hey, you got your picture or video and something to write about.

Don?t get me wrong, we fish this section of the river heavily, but we fish it using traditional methods, traditional flies and traditional sizes. River Run Troutfitters rarely goes below a size 12 fly so you guys out there fishing with 18-22 size flies, in this water - who do you think you?re kidding? We fish streamers in size 8-12, nymphs in size 10-12, and in rare occasion we fish caddis flies and nymphs in size 14.

So my message to this once respected establishment is this: STOP ABUSING THE FISH for the sake of your stream report. It?s not just a numbers game. You are giving people the wrong impression about our great natural resource. There is a lot of fishable water on the Salmon, but you have to be the best of the best to work it. That is why we are the only guide service to offer a no fish no pay guarantee. No gimmicks.

Tight Lines,Joe & Sinbad

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