Stream Report

Wow what a difference a week can make!
Salmon River
Water Temp: 48ºF     Flow: 335 cfs

How are all of you? Hope all your fishing adventures have been successful ones. Well the Salmon river is still fishing good. The last week we were still seeing a number of of Kings and Cohos continuing to come into the Salmon river with sporadic groups of Steelhead and Brown trout mixing in. The word is that there is still a number of fish continuing to hold in the estuary, so it could be any day now and the Steelhead and Brown trout could really take off. For those of you who are targeting the trout, don't fret there are fish all over the river it is just a matter of moving around until you find them. All your basic patterns will work(sucker spawn,wooly buggers,stone flys, glo bugs)just keep in mind that the trout are looking for eggs and more eggs. Well once again its time for me to prepare for the next trip,good luck and great fishing and remember lets try release all our trout to fight again another day.

Tight Lines Joe and Sinbad
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