Stream Report

( A Season Of Change )
Salmon River
Water Temp: 47ºF     Flow: 1700 cfs

This report is for Wed.the 23rd.-Tues. the 28th. of Oct. The Salmon are on the last part of their great journey. Sad as it may seem,they bring new life to themselves and to all of the of the rivers & steams they swim in to. As the majestic ones prepare for the end of their life cycle, Already the Browns,& Steelies,have arrived in good numbers. Yes you heard it right.The last three days on the river we have caught and released good numbers of Browns,& Steelies, we have even caught a lake trout.Browns have been very receptive to ( Chartreuse Wooly Buggers ) Steelhead have been hot on Orange Egg Patterns sz. 14-16. We seem to be doing better on eggs tied with orange yarn, or micro chenille with angora goat collars imitating stands of skane then with estaz patterns.Correct size of eggs are very important.

Tight Lines, Joe & Sinbad
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