Stream Report

Steelies On The Move
Samon River
Water Temp: 36ºF     Flow: 700 cfs

This report is for Thur. the 12th.-Mon. the 16th. Fresh fish can be found throughout the river. They are moving up quickly with the urgency to spawn. Fishing has been in spurts. A few good hours in the morning, and a few good hours mid-afternoon. If you have not had a run in with some of the winter steelies spring brothers and sisters, be prepared they will leave you tired and amazed at how quickly they can make you look and feel like a rookie. These warmer temperatures have also brought out some bad people, I do not even consider them fishermen, because the rest of us have a code of ethics. You can always spot the usual crowd of thugs, travel in packs of six, start drinking at 7 a.m. and bully people much smaller than them. One guy asked one of these inviduals why he walked in on his fishing spot why he was taking a picture of someones fish, the idiots response was (It is what it is) If any of you tough guys on the river that day read my site, give me a call I would love to give you a lesson in manners. Enough about that, why are you not on the water. Tight Lines, Joe & Sinbad
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