Stream Report

( Unbeliveable Fishing )
Salmon River
Water Temp: 48ºF     Flow: 185 cfs

( This report is for Oct. 10 th.- Oct. 20 th. 2002 )I have been on the water for a while, I apologize for the lack of up-dates. ( But )in my defense I just got away from the water late yesterday Oct. 20 th.I have many pictures, and some nice testimonials from clients who are still in shock of what are fisheries have to offer. We have had Atlantics, Steelies, Cohos, Browns, and last but not least Chinooks dancing on are lines in the last ten days. Spent two of those days on the Oak, Sat, some nice browns starting showing up mid-day. Water flow is terrible out there.Atlantics, and Browns, were hot on buggers, Steelies, cream delight sz. 12 blood spots, and flasback pheasant tails. For the record, The Salmon River without a doubt in my mind is a fishemens paradise right now. I will try to get my fishing pictures posted as quickly as I can. Tight Lines, Joe & Sinbad
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