Stream Report

Can This Be Real?
Salmon River
Water Temp: 43ºF     Flow: 285 cfs

Well either people are not reading these reports, or they just do not want to fish for steelies at the most perfect time.
Fished the River Tues. April 23rd at 500 c.f.s. For the day, between four of us, we landed close to 50 steelies. If you find this hard to believe, all I can say is that is why I am sitting here (happy as a lark) and you are still figuring out what you should do.

If the number of fish has amazed you, the next statistic will give you heart failure. For the day, we estimated at least 150 rock solid hook-ups, keep in mind I only count fish that are held for at least two minutes or more.
If you are not packing right now, shame on you.

Tight Lines, Joe & Sinbad

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