Stream Report

Wild River
Salmon River
Water Temp: 38ºF     Flow: 5000 cfs

This report is for Wed. the 10th. thru Fri. the 13th. Fishing for steelhead was hard but not without reward at 1800 c.f.m.
My clients had a pretty good time, even under those conditions.
Had a chance to do some walking and looking around the river, the steelhead are plentiful and the spawn is in full swing. Wed. wooly buggers took center stage. Thu.-Fri. Hot orange estaz egg patterns as well as oregon chez blood spots ruled the day. Friday night came the bad news, insanity was about to change the natural beauty and wonder what was happening in the upper fly-area. That amount of water can play havoc with drop-backs, as well as destroy many spawning beds. The only good news, the hatchery is full of steelhead, (thank God). But what about the natural way of life up-river? It makes my blood boil that greed comes before life.

For anyone interested the (Herring) have already shown up at the Hudson River in the Troy dam area. They are also picking up a few Shad.

Tight Lines, Joe & Sinbad

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