Stream Report

If it is not broke,Why fix it?
Salmon River
Water Temp: 36ºF     Flow: 700 cfs

This report is for Thu.Feb.21st.-Sun.Feb.24th.The water is at 700 but depending on where you are on the river,there is quite a bit of run-off from snow melt and heavy rains.Well lets get to the head-liner.For years I have been a mustad hook believer,and after this trip I just experienced I am even more so.I tried some of Cabela's chemically sharpened hooks,With only a 4lb. tippet, I found out the hard way a steelhead could straighten out this hook with very little effort.Think about it the hook straightened out before the tippet broke.I would also add, when you experiment like this,don,t tye 350 flys like this dummy did to realize that you made a mistake.Well about the fishing,we caught some nice fish and also had many hours of of work to find these fish.The spawn is definetly a problem, as well as a need to push the water level back up to bring fresh fish into the river system.When we were on fish,sucker spawn in peach sz.14 worked well.My personal choice was a sz.!2 peacock hurl flash back pheasant tail.Tight Lines,Joe&Sinbad
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