Meet Tommy
Salmon River
Water Temp: 0ºF     Flow: 0 cfs

This one is quite special for me. I met Tommy & Brad last November. I was fishing with a client from Colorado swinging Streamers for Browns & Steelhead. These guys were dead serious strike indicator fishermen. Actually a couple of the best I ever saw. They did not have a good opinion of any other styles of fishing. Well after about a half a dozen fish or so rocketing out of the water with my big nasty s hanging on there tongues,They got quite curious./Brad approached me first,Tommy was a little more not wanting to to feel like he was asking to much.Need less to say they showed up on the river this September. Tommy walks right up, do you remember me. I looked for a minute and said yeah you guys are the guys from Maryland where I got screwed. Another story, quiet joke. In the next 15 days are so, they stayed at camp,tied fly's together ,drifted the river shooting video, before Tommy headed to Cold Water,Spring,Montana to a full blown guide school. Little did Tommy know,or expect he would be top student ,first in class and heading to Patagonia.There was never a doubt in my mind.Tom I could not be prouder if you were my own Son.Young men like Tommy and Brad are the future of all we hold dear and near. Tight Lines,Joe& Sinbad
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